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Tyler Veghte is the Executive Producer of The Catholic Guy Show on The Catholic Channel® on SiriusXM® 129.

As smart of a man as he is, Tyler Vegthe often makes no sense at all.

This page is dedicated to helping nasty listeners define and understand the crazy words and ideas that often come Tyler’s mouth.

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Latest Entry

 St. Francis of Assisi –  defined in Muppet as “The book-nerd who was always writing and doing that sort of stuff.”  (Podcast 292, 7/17/17).  While Francis was a deacon, his legacy is remembered only as him being a "quitter" and someone who could have been a priests instead "if he wasn't so busy playing around with animals."  That's right, he said it.   (10/7/19).  Example: "When Jesus spoke to St. Francis, he said, “Yo, Frankie you nerd, get your nose outta that book about communicating with animals  and go rebuild my crib.”"


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